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Thread: kat and co??

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    kat and co??

    Ran across the ad in the last issue of the Monday mag for Kat and Co. Gave and email address for pics and a phone number. I emailed them but haven't heard back yet. Was going to call but went to the Monday mag website and it has been updated to this weeks info. The problem is that the ad is gone!!!!!
    I was hoping that someone maybe has a copy of last weeks monday mag and can pass along the number for me. I would really like to find out if it is the same girl that worked for Elite for a while. She was a real hottie!!
    Was out cruising the other night and found a nice looking brunette downtown, (discovery and govenment I think) Nice body, probably early 20's. Sorry but I don't remember her name. Got a good bbbjtc cim and... drumroll please... she swallowed every drop.. all for the low price of 40.. I've picked her up twice now and have seen her out a few times. Definatlely good at what she does!!

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    Wasn't she under the Gentlemen's Pleasure Palace ad? Her name has been removed, but the ad and number (818-1136) are still in Monday Magazine. ---Moe

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    Exclamation Kitty Kat Intel

    Monday 3-9 Apr Ad Reads as Follows:
    Kat & Co

    Attractive 5'3" blond hair, green eyes. Tight Toned, tanned, Excellent rates. Beautiful discreet location. Pictures at [email protected] Kat, 886 3269.

    Now Hiring [email protected]

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    Thank you very much for the number. I've sent them an email and am still waiting to see if it is the same girl that I have seen before. I'll post a review when I see her.
    Thanks again!!

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    What does that sw that you picked up look like?Where was she?Pretty rare to find any ho that will swallow spunk!!!Holy Shit,gotta try that!Name/number/stats would be cool!Most street girls out there are pretty skanky lookin.Gotta be fukin hot fer me to pick up any sw.Be careful eh!

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