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Thread: Looking for Filipina GFE - Help

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    Question Looking for Filipina GFE - Help

    Hello Ladies & Gentlemen:

    I am an new member here, though I've been browsing for the past few months.
    OK, I admit it, I have a fetish for Filipinas... and need your help...

    I am looking for a Filipina GFE SP to meet with during an upcoming visit to the beautiful city of Vancouver.

    I've visited the WONDERFUL Laiya in the past and love her as much as everyone else. HOWEVER, I am looking for more of a 'girl next door' natural look. I do not like enhanced breasts and in fact, prefer a A/B cup.

    I've been looking and see lots of wonderful Asian candidates but was hoping for some direction from the experienced members on where I might find my specific desire.

    Kind regards,

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    Try Tia Lee -- advertises on Escorts Canada and in GS. Provides good GFE, is cute, but not stunning. (I did a review some time ago, if you do a search -- I can't recall if it was part of another thread)


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    Seriously dude...

    go to the's not cheap to get there (900.00 CAD or so for airfare), but once you're there, hella everything is cheap! How do I know? I'm CBF (Canadian Born Filipino).

    I'm'll find everything you're looking for there...
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    Thanks guys for the suggestion on going to the Philippines.

    I am sure that I would enjoy a visit there beyond belief... and truly it is long over due... but that's another subject...

    For now, visiting that great country is not possible, so I still rely on your help/suggestions for the greater Vancouver area.

    Kind regards,

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