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Thread: Maia BP/LL 7407

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    Maia BP/LL 7407

    I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time with this lovely young lady Monday evening. I was coming to town on business and had started looking over BP and LL to see what if any ladies out there caught my eye. Maia's ad on Sunday was titled "Selfie Sunday" which had some new selfies of her and I was instantly drawn to her cute devilish smile only a portion of which was apparent in the first pic.

    So I texted her Monday morning to set up a date for the evening to which she responded promptly and professionally. The time was set for our rendezvous and all I had to do was wait patiently. I arrived near her incall, texted to say I was nearby (and early of course) and she provided me with the address, so off I went.
    I took one step in the door and was treated to the sight of the most gorgeous woman dressed in an incredibly sexy yet classy LBD and heels. While I was collecting my jaw from the floor, all I heard was a cute giggle and "Hi! I'm Maia". Not sure if I was able to respond or just fumble over some incoherent words, but we were instantly locked in a deep passionate kiss that lasted for nearly our entire time together. Damn, Maia is a good kisser! Before I knew it, we were resting side by side chatting enjoying the afterglow of a vigorous lovemaking session. I instantly felt completely comfortable with her and thoroughly enjoyed her company. After a brief respite, we were back at it kissing, touching and enjoying each other in a myriad of carnal delights of which I will save the graphic details for my mind only, sorry. It took all the remaining strength in me to tear myself away from her and back out into the cold evening.

    Maia is truly an amazing, beautiful woman who absolutely enjoys herself. The whole session was by far the best time I have had to date. The entire time I was with her I kept thinking how lucky I was to be with such a beautiful, sensual woman and I can hardly wait to get back to K-town so I can be back in her company. She mentioned that she will be away for a bit here, but returning soon much like myself I hope. Treat her well gents, she deserves it.


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    I agree with your review. I felt comfortable with her for the whole session, the best dfk i have ever had with sp. She is very enthusiastic and wants you to feel satisfied, nice girl, beautiful, clean with no signs of drug use, safe, i dont think she does bbbj, didnt need to ask. If she was shorter and smaller, she would be perfect for me, my preference is a spinner type, but then my bank account would go deflated in no time.

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    If I lived in Kelowna for sure I would have to get a second job in order to fund my time with this beautiful girl. As for bbbj, I am pretty sure she only plays safe which I am fine with. Her website is up to date with all the info one needs to know prior to seeing her. She has her head on pretty good (no pun intended) which leads me to believe that she is definitely not a drug user nor drinker at all as far as I could tell.

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    Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

    I'm glad you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.

    Ps. I abstain from all drugs and alcohol.

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