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Thread: over 30 sp's

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    over 30 sp's

    can any of you recommend a over 30 service provider(with decent looks) lol thanks

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    I'd recommend Kristy in North Van. She has a hot body for someone over 30. Charges 250/hr with a GFE service.
    You can find her contact information on the EC site. I think usually works after 5:30 pm.

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    Her body is better than any 20 yr old!!!!!!!!!

    DO IT!!!!!
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    Sounds good! But sounds kinda far for'll be a nice trek though...

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    I'd vote for Taylor in the over 30 contest. Lovely apartment off Burrard.

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    make it three for Taylor...IMO, beautiful, classy one of the very best!!!


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    Everyone will have an opinion BUT cannot argue with Morgan as the recommendation. Taylor is indeed classy but there is something about that M body and the way it responds....yowser!

    Nothing wrong with Kristy but IMHO, not quite a Morgan (or Taylor for that matter). If you want to go nearish 40, Mercedes is one heck of a spin around the block but that was a while back for me and not sure if she is still in the game.

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    Red face over-30 providers

    do a search on "Jordan" as in (I think). She's had favourable reviews in the past, although I hear she's gone slightly upscale on the price. Was good value for the service when I saw her - your search will show my post, so won't repeat it here
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    Taylor may have moved.....I last saw her in the fall.

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    Hey Joe just in case you missed this thread. Cindy may be what your looking for in an over 30. She seems to have the look of a traditional courtesan.

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    What about Leanne and Brande Lee they're over 30 and have reasonable prices with good service. Leanne is in her 50's though sherobably won't admit it but she's in a good shape for her age. She's a very nice older lady and a great conversationalist. She has a lot of excellent reviews on the TER. Brande Leeis in her 40's she has her own website and she actually looks better and slimmer in person than her pics on her site led u 2 believe.

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    Brandee Lee?!

    Is this the same Brandee Lee you're referring to on:

    Brandee Lee

    I don't know how long she's been an SP, but her pictures don't make her look like she's in her looks like amateurish pics.
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    over 60

    LEANN ,is good experience for those who like women over 60,

    she got good chases for her age,clean condo,u have to respect her while u r riding, if u can get it hard the first place,

    i recommend her for Hitchcook lovers

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    My bad...

    Leann was mentioned in another thread...but it looks like her main mention is in here...I just can fathom the thought of being with anyone close to or older than my...mother.
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    I have seen Leanne several times over the last year and she is
    by far the best over 40 SP I have seen. Very accomodating, great
    attitude, reasonable price. Just a thought, not a shill.

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