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    This review is from a long while back (last yearish), so I'm not claiming its 100% accurate anymore. As we know, the girls sometimes change their minds...

    Had a good time with Celeste. She's a thin girl, so much so you wonder sometimes if you'll break her with your pounding. Tatoos on her back and shoulder, pierced nipples and tongue (oh boy). Small breasts, probably an A cup, but perky. Trimmed strip and a nice, small ass. Allowed light kissing and DATY. Fingers were okay, too. Gave me a decent massage, we moved on to the CBJ (good skills) and then into the main event. She seemed to enjoy herself, and I know I did. I felt a bit like I was making it with a tough grrl model... was quite fun. Didn't feel rushed at all, and like she would have been into it if I'd wanted to go again. She was very open to suggestions, but no greek.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    What are you....Celeste's BOYFRIEND or something?? bwhaha

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    If I was, I sure wouldn't be sharing her with the likes of you guys!

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    posotive ID

    Is this the same Celeste currently listed on Seductions website? The way the ladies change names and agencies it's often difficult to keep track, perhaps we should use some other form of ID? The Celeste listed does not have any pics.


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    I'm 99% sure it's the same Celeste, based on the comments Hipster made about seeing her. It is weird she's the only one without pictures up, though.

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