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    sw vanished

    i was crusing van east side almost evry night for the last ten days,unfortunatly i have to inform you that sw become history,same as sadam hussien,do u guys think we ll see price increase?

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    i was crusing van east side almost evry night for the last ten days,unfortunatly i have to inform you that sw become history,same as sadam hussien,do u guys think we ll see price increase?I
    (I is capitalized) was cruising (missed the i) Van (capital V) East (E is capitalized as well) almost every (missed the e) night for the last ten days, (space) unfortunately (missed the e) i have to inform you that sw became (a not o) history, (space) same as Saddam (S is capitalized, and you missed the d) Hussien, (H is capitilized) (space) do u (u ? if your twelve) think we'll (missed the comma) see a (missed the a) price increase?

    The coherency of this sentence is just brutal. We all make grammatical, and typing errors, but this sentence...... You should have stayed in school nigro.

    The answer to your question NO. Your Friend. --- Kev
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    Alex, there is more here than meets the (your) eye

    For what it's worth, Nigro's posts are intentionally grammaticized the way they read.

    For what it's worth (if anything at all).

    Lil' Alex, there was perhaps one instance of "not treating ladies with respect" and that came with a subsequent apology.

    If you are going to shite on others for wasting your reading time, get it straight bud. As far as I can tell, you and I are from a handful of posters that actually post actual reviews. Funny that we joined around the same time as well.

    Anyway, keep up the good reviews. There is a paucity of such on this board which is supposed to be ABOUT VANCOUVER REVIEWS.

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    Alex, you are OK bud

    Big Alex:

    You cannot call yourself Little when you readily admit you may have crossed the line a bit. Easy to respect a guy who will admit "I was mistaken" when you were probably just misunderstood (and I fully agree with the point you were trying to make in the end).

    Good going guy. As before, keep up the good work. There are not many of us posting actual reviews these days (and I sure as h-e-double hockey stick don't mean about Sonja!!!!).

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    PLS wash your asshole properly

    NIGRO the great

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    Talking Wow, that was mature!

    Hey Nigross:

    Always do - but why your concern, still planning to place your tongue there?

    Hey, glad to see your ability to write improved from Grade 1 to Post Graduate in two short posts. Guess you were preoccupied thinking up that really intelligent retort to remember to turn on the dumb button on your keyboard.

    Oh well, there is always your next handle - it is four and counting so a couple more is no big deal. New MOD may catch on though but, hey, it's worth a shot eh Nigross?
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    Dang, just can't figure it out

    Only Little Alex I can think of is the son in Mummy Returns!

    Alex, people will be really convinced we are the same person after your response to my CoCo post! Thanks for the support.

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    Question Is it Roddy M?

    Only place I remember seeing bowler hat and white overalls was in Clockwork Orange (Roddy)....or was it those little guys that referee the end zones in Aussie Rules football?

    BTW, Little Alex was the son of Rick in the Mummy movie...NOT a mummy himself.

    See you like quotes, one of my favourites was this line in "Don't Wanna Be Like That" by Joe Jackson (remember him?)

    "The Playboy centerfold leaves me cold, and that ain't coz I'm a fag. You playboys go just play with yourself coz that your style, and that's a DRAG!"

    Joe was the best thing in music from 1979 to 1981 (then U2 came along). Probably before many posting here were even born!

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    will result in your account being terminated.

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