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Thread: Posts are still going *poof*

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    Thumbs down Posts are still going *poof*

    Everyone complained about Kev as MOD. Not going to rehash that, what's done is done and what's been said is done (or has been deleted ).

    However, posts are still going *poof*. I thought this was done. I agree with bananaguy that it is time to move on and get over it but it would be easier if "it" didn't keeping showing up on the doorstep like.......nevermind.

    Perhaps we can go a day, then a week, then a month without having a post go the way of Chemical Ali...what do y'all think?

    P88, it is safe to come out and play again, I think
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    Gotta start somewhere.....

    Baby steps moondog, baby steps. Now, if we make it to Monday, we may not even have to call our sponsor for emotional support.

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