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Thread: Could anyone recommend a massage place in Edmonton?

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    Question Could anyone recommend a massage place in Edmonton?

    Could anyone recommend a massage place in Edmonton? Which is the busiest massage centre?

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    Elite Retreat, without any question in my mind. And before anyone rags on me for responding to a thread where the last post was 6 months ago, it was only the 7th from the top.

    Jaileys is also a good spot to go right now.
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    That's interesting. I didn't realize that there was a time limit in place for responding to a thread.

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    I have not gone to a massage parlour before.
    They do both massage and happy ending right? Or do they skimp on massage and try to get you to finish fast?
    I kinda want a relaxing massage combined ed with a happy ending.

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    Do you want massage with HE or fs

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    Maybe my answer is bias but Angels ...

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    Is secret spa on whyte any good? I'm brand new and I don't see any talk about it here but I discovered it last month and the girl there was super hot

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    I’m coming to Edmonchuck this week
    Anyone help with rates and best girl to see
    I like clean AMP or independent Asian or other
    Thanks my friends.
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