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Thread: selena scam

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    selena scam

    did any body see Selena at se marine and ash i went there to be ripped off for 160,after she took the money she told me that she has allergy to my perfum and i have to leave, when i asked for refund she told me she has big dog waiting dwonstairs so i better leave safe.
    any body got experience with that scam

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    Seen anybody else?

    Why would you want her phone number? She is a rip off artist! You could always just check the same search that the review came from.

    Nothing new in nigro's review that I haven't read at least 10 times before. Very unAuthentic. Seen anybody else?

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    Why not shower???????

    WHy didn't either of you suggest a shower?

    Sounds retarded!!!!!!
    Your Friend,


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    I'll one up you. Went to see Marrisa from the Westender in the Westend. 6 greens, but she is kinda chunky, anyway we strip down and she starts off with a nice HJ, very sensual. Then we proceed to move to the main event and she can't find any hoods. She tells me she will finish me off with a HJ, I'm like no way, I paid for the full meal deal. I couldn't get a refund or nothing, but she said we'll have a really good time the next time I come over.

    Great marketing Eh !


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    Personally I can't see why you guys get so upset, we all know half these ho's are rip off's. Next time one pulls something like that just tell her to F-off and slam her door when you leave, take a deep breath when you get in the car and say "once a ho, always a ho"

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    She is real and sounds like the scam is only getting worse

    As far as Selena goes, she is real and you can get her number in a million places including using search on this board.

    She has been ripping people off and doing the dog threat thing for about 5 years (she used to be on West side). Not bad looking, though a bit heavy, her old routine was to make lots of promises on phone, you get there and all of a sudden, "Don't touch there!", "If I wanted that sucked on I would ....." and the like. My time with her was no fun and didn't even get off before I got up and left (she, on the other hand, insisted that only missionary and she had some stupid battery toy).

    She used to advertise as being Spanish (I am so hot for you or similar in very bad Spanish grammar). It is amazing how a bad service provider can still be in the biz getting new clients after more than five years. Amazing.......

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    Exclamation DUH!!!

    I've said this before, and other guys have said it, but we still see people getting ripped off 'cause they're too lazy to perform a search. There's a reason Fred designed this board with a search function; there's a wealth of intel on this board and you don't have to read all the threads. Just insert the SP's name in the search box and hit "go". You'ld have saved yourself a bunch of money, aggravation, and our time reading your stupid post!
    "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." - Will Rogers

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    Lighten up, If he was new to the board he did the right thing by posting his review of a bad experience.

    Secondly, if we all as intelligent as you, there would never be another bad review written because after the first bad review, we would all heed that poster's advice and no one would ever see her again.

    Lastly, I doubt many posters, like weewillie, would have the guts to give attitude like that to another poster in person.

    This board is for reviews, to be written and to be read, keep your "stupid" comments to your self.

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    Cool charming?

    "if we all as intelligent as you..."[COLOR=darkblue]

    ah, the cutting wit - do i not bleed?

    gawd, at least most of the other posters on the board seem to manage to write in complete sentences!

    to further my point, the "search" function is there most of all for newbies so they don't get caught in exactly the bad experience that he posted about in the first place. hey, we've all been burned; in my case more often than i care to admit. but it was usually b/c i was "trying one for the team" or before i knew about this board. if you look at all the "ISO" posts, most of them can be answered simply by searching for that SP's name.

    So, if you want to waste your money by taking a chance on a girl who is infamous for ripping people off by not checking to see if anyone else has seen her an what the experience was like, go for it.
    "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment." - Will Rogers

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    Somebody should post this on neighbourhood watch...

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    Do your homework

    "Somebody should post this on neighbourhood watch..."

    Somebody already did post a warning about Selena in the neighbourhood watch less than three months ago. January 28, 2003 to be precise.

    "no can do williewheeler we had our entire database gutted about 10 days ago remember. "

    The deleted threads would have had no effect for someone doing their homework on Selena. A search on her brings up 6 separate threads with negative information on her.

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    Why are you back in this board, vancouver julia, if you consider this is a bored board?? Like other members said: go away, this time, as far as possible from this board...
    as far as I am concern, you did not have any contribution to this board other than trying to argue about your friends and your own reviews posted by other members (BTW, those reviews were not negative ones, but you made a big deal out of it)

    thank you very much...

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    Just to add my .2 to the Selena stories. She is a scam and does have a dog; a big rottwheiler(sp?) named baby. On a positive note it doesn't run very fast.

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    lol... Baby's just a puppy :P


    I guess Selena's service has degraded since I last saw her, a couple of years ago.

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    one strange girl

    I saw her once a couple of years ago. Did not rip me off but this girl is strange and probably crazy! The sex was ok but i thought she would flip out any second: "do this move here, the fan is giving me a headeache, slower, faster, etc...."

    Stay away from this one unless you want to be paid to be abused!

    the guy

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