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    A rather large woman walks into a crowded poolside bar wearing an ill-fitting bathing suit. She raises one large, woobly arm with ample armpit hair above her head and shrills "Isn't anyone going to buy a lady a drink?". Most of the men shudder and avoid looking directly at the sight. However, there comes a druken voice from way down the end of the bar. The older man squints and slurs "Suuurre, drink one on me ballerina".

    The large woman gulps down her drink, belches, and then once again raises a wobbly arm above her head, says in the same shrill voice "Isn't anyone going to buy a lady a drink?". Most of the males in the bar stare at the ground, some just leave. However, the same old drunk guy way down the bar squints again and hollers "Buy, another for the ballerina".

    The bartender pours the drink and wanders down to the end of the bar to collect payment for the drinks and, more importantly, ask "Nice of you to do this, no one else would, but why do you keep calling her ballerina?"

    The old guy focuses on the barkeep and says "Son, if she can kick that high, she must be a ballerina".

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    C (chuckling) OL, Howie...

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    Unhappy I agree....RUN!

    Strike-eagle.....yah, I know, I think her name is ssssssha********

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    i heard the same joke only the woman was from saltspring island.Lots of hairy pits there!

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