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Thread: Jada Escortneeds?

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    Jada Escortneeds?

    Does anyone have any reviews on Jada @ Does anyone want to take one for the team? If not, I am visiting Edmonton this May, so any info before than would be appreciated

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    i've drooled over that pic several times, but haven't tried her... somehow she looks too good to be true...

    one of you guys must have tried...

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    I used Jada when her name was Jenna a couple years ago. At least that was the picture she used. She was a beautiful girl with a very nice body.

    As I recall, she was prompt and her driver waited outside my place. She was a little quiet and reserved. I wasn't overly impressed with the service, but she was great eye candy.

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    Jada also used the name Always Melody. The pic and age are outdated... at least by two years.

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    Are there any other escort sites for the Edmonton area??? If someone could post them it would help a lot...


    The Insider...

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