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Thread: Need Seduction Vancouver Tour

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    Thumbs up Need Seduction Vancouver Tour

    What do you guys think? The girls on that site seems to be getting hotter.

    I hope the agency is reading this.

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    Yep 'r , A definite agree mars guy. I think they must have change their photographer as well. The quality of the pics on the bcdarling site is a lot better than the blurred ones that was once on seduction's home site. Hey maybe it's photoguy88.
    From the pics looks like a lot of hotties, amber, kyla, shania, jasmine, kasha, felicity, tawnya, sasha....etc, etc

    definitely will have to make the rounds with these lovlies...


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    I bet the agency is reading this.... as are the other agencies.... so, perhaps a vancouver tour at victoria prices would be interesting...

    From my perspective - I'd like to see all those lovely ladies stay right here in Victoria - the Van guys can ride a ferry for a change.

    The new photographer person is doing a good job and the pictures are worth the effort... It is something I like as I am interested in "seeing some" of what is available - before I get there... sort of a little market research...

    Remember, Play nice....

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    I had emailed SU a couple of times earlier this year and they said they were thinking about coming to Vancouver in March. However, when March rolled around, I emailed again and they said probably not till the summer. Maybe with the influx of new girls they'll reconsider...

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    Definitely Fratboy, CL pricing is what we want. CL has set the standards.

    In fact I would like both CL and SU to set up a vancouver cabin

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    I guess L D silver says it all.

    Vancouver SP rates are too high.
    We need lower rates for the same (maybe better) quality of service.
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    Or small thing as the case may be....

    I wish I could take credit for BCDarlings and its pictures but, alas I cannot for I am not he or she or whatever for that matter... I do think that the quality of the work is a cut above what I've seen on some other sites...

    As for posting history - while it is true I haven't been posting much on this board - I was, however, posting on the news groups long before these boards were even thought of... back in the glory days of Allister, Insideu and others with far more credability...

    Remember - Play nice, for you too shall reap rewards...

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    Originally posted by thenextbigthing
    Read a little more closely. I wasnt referring to you. I did my homework.
    Sorry man, I appologise. Didn't read your post carefully, was in a hurry. No hard feelings. Damm! got the wrong guy.

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