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Thread: Ms Yuliya Kate - amazing

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    I am fairly certain she doesn't, and the best way to be sure is to contact her. She wasn't when I have seen her.

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    I would love to see her again... Can someone please PM me a link with her contact details? Thanks.

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    I tried contacting her by email (the only form of contact she has) and I haven't received any replies. It's been 3 days. Does anyone know if she is taking a break right now?

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    She travels a fair bit and I think she is right now. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and in her emails she said she would be available to the 22nd of June.
    I would also suggest looking at the dates on her Leolist ada, if it's been awhile then she might not be available.

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    God, waiting for her replies are like pulling teeth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helloim View Post
    God, waiting for her replies are like pulling teeth.
    did you ever manage to make contact abd arrange a session?

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    i managed to see yuliya. Same day appointment, she replied to me within 10 minutes.

    I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Breathing takes a while to get used to.

    Introduced me to kink. I liked it.

    During the finish, i was so relaxed that I got a muscle cramp/charley horse on my left calf. Had a bit of a laugh during that part.

    Nice woman. See her soon if you want to. She's gonna be away for 5 months or so at the end of Aug.

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    it looks like her in latest ad she is open to light fetish/bondage requests again. Unfortunately she is out of the country until February 2020...will contact her again when she's back

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    I saw her 2 weeks ago and requested light bondage and impact play. it was amazing, of course, because it's Yuliya, and I really regret never having sessioned with her when she was Mistress Yuliya.

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