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Thread: Lacy Lovelle ooh la la

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    Lacy Lovelle ooh la la

    Had the good fortune to meet up with lacy this morning and couldn,t be happier ! I believe she has only improved over time I think her body is tighter and even more perfect than when I first met her and she is truly beautiful- even as a blonde -lol-those blue eyes still entice and excite her lips are perfect and that frame -simply wow !!!- definitely in top shape her athleticism was clearly on display as she completely destroyed me in the best possible ways--this old dog needs a nap ! thanks Lacy can,t wait too see you again !!

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    I had the utmost pleasure in seeing Miss Lovelle again this weekend and she just gets better and better every time we meet! She knows how to please a man and always has a surprise or two to keep things interesting. I find her level of maturity is perfect she can hold a conversation and knows what is going on in the world she can stimulate both your mind and body not something most 20 somethings possess. As long as she is around I will be a loyal client absolutely one of the best !!!

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