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Thread: A couple of questions about Kates

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    A couple of questions about Kates

    Yikes. That's a nice set of buns on the new photos for Danielle/Silke/Navada.

    You have to give it to Kates. Somehow they continue to consistently evade the local gendarmerie while providing some decent entertainment with some good looking gals. I've used them four times and have nothing negative to say about them. The gals I've seen who are there now are Pamela and Cory/Summer. Both very good looking ladies who did not disappoint. Though I saw her awhile ago Cory/Summer provided me with a visual memory I will not soon forget.

    I do have two questions for those of you with more insight than me, though. Are there any reviews of Marilyn available? I like the pics but am leery about long time Kates gals who you don't hear much about. Secondly, any good duo action available there?

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    Dunno about Marilyn. Navada told me she doesn't do duos (this because agency had said 'why don't you take both' when I mentioned two girls I was eager to see). But other girls will quite happily do twosomes.

    Remember that when you phone, they ALWAYS say the girl of your choice is available. If she isn't, then someone else will call you back and offer herself as an alternative. This has happened quite often.

    I have had a problem with girls leaving after 35 minutes despite being paid for an hour. One girl received a phone call half way through the session and said she had to go cos of a family problem. This was probably genuine, but it still hurt.

    Good luck one and all.

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    Summer/Cory/Tiffany/Jamie Lee used to offer doubles with a girl named Leah who doesn't seem to be there anymore. Perhaps she has a new accomplice?

    Heather/Courtney/Janine/Tammy/Pamela offers doubles with Alyssa/Anna Nicole.

    I am not convinced of the merits of these offers.

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    Tiffany and Leah are listed as a double in the Calgary Sun.

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    As far as doubles go Tiffany/Cory and her "girlfriend" would be your best choice as they are spoken highly of in that regard. Actually I would reccomend that you just call Kate and book with Jamie and whoever her new partner is. It is a shame Leigh isn't working any longer she was smokin hot!!!!!!!!!!!I love exotic girls! I think she was going in to get herself enhanced which doesn't turn my crank but I am sure her sexy long hair would look lovely around any set.
    horny, smart, pretty.....pick two

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    Does anyone know who Tiffany/Cory duo with...

    To bad Navada doesn't duo... they would be quite the pair.

    Any one know the rates for duo? PM if you would like

    What involved with a duo.... do they put quite a show!!


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    In my experience duos can vary from a well-orchestrated lesbian show to an unstructured sequence of embarrassed giggles. Navada tells me she hasn't ever done a two-girl, and it's not her scene, but I got the impression that she could be persuaded, depending on whether she's comfortable with the other playmate. So you can always try. The agency does encourage double bookings (if only because it doubles their commission).

    As for the rates, they would be double the normal prices unless you can negotiate a special.

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    I am a long time customer of Kates having seen over half the girls listed more than once. here goes. Pamela 9 Cory 6(atitude) Anna Nichole 8(great rack) Amy 8.5(young) As well I have seen many that are not pictured. I used to frequent The Dunes till they shut down. I have been in this hobby for years and taken many fo the team. I have a story. I phoned an out call service in Red Deer. The girl phoned back and described herself. When she showed she was high mileage, and totally different. I was a little drunk and decide to go with it. She said her price was one brown more than what was quoted. I was eager so I said okay. Well very little touching, no daty, no bbbj, no nothing. Just worked away fast with her hand and very little cbj. She finished and left. I was ready for sleep anyhow. About six months latter I phoned a different agency well she showed again. I said no way and told her to leave. She said she had a brown cancellation fee. I said forget it and slammed the door on her. What a rip off artist this girl is. I donot remember either agency so no heads up. The scene in Red Deer sucks so I'll go back to Calgary. Anyway thanks for listening.

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