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Thread: Ripped Off & Scammed, or waste of time

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    Nope, not at all.

    Most reviews of her have been fairly negative if you search her up on the board. I personally haven't seen her so I have no experience with her, but i'd say you were right to take your money to somewhere better as things like that will put off most people from returning or even trying in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightday View Post
    Jade Anderson


    Wanted to try something a little different,so booked one hour private dance incall with jade. Booking was a little difficult as I did not get the day I wanted, next day which was okay for me. Set up time for early afternoon. Told to contact back two hours before set time which I did, no return text back. Drove into town and was parking not wanting to be late. Approx 30 minutes before set time I received a text, could you please come 30 minutes later, figured okay shit happens.
    Entered unite and said I wanted what I asked for, strip tease dance and I do myself. She said fine, $250. What? Rate was to be $170 as posted and told by text. So I walked out with the increase in hourly rate. I had to walk as I only had $200 on me.
    Did not get my day, time changed per her doing, and finally the rate increase. She looked very nice, but dam. I did not even have $250 with me.
    Was I wrong to walk?
    Not at all. There is a recent thread in the review section you could also add your experience to. It is full, sadly, of the same experience that you had.

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    She has many rates for a variety of services and the rates change frequently so the chances of some form of confusion are extremely high.
    Red Baron

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    I've put together a "TOFTT guidance" to deal with pure unproven unestablished independent escorts. It's in an advanced draft shape lol

    Is there a more appropriate thread/location I should/could post it in?

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    *** Update***

    Elaya .. Fake photo`s .. Bad service .. Waste of Time

    As always .. you be the judge
    Stay safe .. Do your homework

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