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Thread: Ripped Off & Scammed, or waste of time

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    Has anybody met this lady? We had an appointment but she didn't give me the unit number and kept asking for money transfer beforehand. I told her that I would pay upfront but after making sure she is real. She denied! The ad is too good to be true so let me know if you have any experience.
    This was the first time I left comment here and these are my experiences in the last month. Just wanted to help other viewers.

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    Another one reported:

    Remember people: if it looks too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true! Fake pics are a pretty reliable red flag and most of these ads use fake pics. It takes two minutes to check and it will save you not only money and time, but also the horrible feeling of getting ripped off.

    Be safe.

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    Remember Lady Roberta? Well, I might be wrong but this seems a lot like her ammo. I'm not saying it definitely is, but proceed with caution.

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    Good job guys, keep up the good work. SWitter has retweeted posts by virtue signalers that claim its good etiquette to always send an etransfer, include a tip in donation evelope, and never publish a review. Thanks for keeping both sides honest.

    (PS: I often tip after a session, send etransfer deposits to reputable providers and dont use numerical scores in my reviews.)

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    bumping thread for relevancy.

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    Time for an update

    Em or Emma ... Waste of Time .. Party girl & Thief

    Bambaleina..aka Harmony Harlet ..Thief
    236-600-2654 ... [email protected]

    Zara BBW .. Waste of time
    link :
    ** A negative BBW thread went totally off the rails,Has been deleted .. She was one of the main topics of discussion **

    Anna Lee or Anna .. Waste of time ... Thief

    Miss Candice ... Fake
    link :

    As Always .. You be the judge
    Do your homework mates
    Stay safe
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    I had that tingly feeling (not the good kind) and I was 100% correct. The ad was too good to be true. A bait and switch but they didn't get me. I told them to fuck off - yes two very unattractive and overweight girls showed up.

    LeoList Ashley
    (778) 836-9860


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    I am coming to Victoria in the near future and was looking at the board and Leo List for potential providers when I saw these two adds:


    which is actually Katrina at Vog Mtl

    But wait - there's more! Olivia on LL

    is Chelsea from Vog Mtl


    Just wanted to advise anyone looking at them to not bother, the board has been very helpful for me to find legitimate providers to consider so I wanted to pass on a caution on these ads as they're clearly fake - Chelsea/Olivia is on Vogue's schedule for this Sunday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawgspeed View Post
    I'm surprised at that, I had no issues with booking her (saw her twice awhile back). Service might not have been what some expect, but no issues with being flaky on booking. In fact, I found her quite responsive to texts.

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    Don't do an eTransfer unless you find many solid reviews here first, most are eTransfer scams. It was probably a guy in Ontario giving you a local Victoria apartment number.

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    Kitty (Leolist - 2006) and Pinky, aka Pink (Leolist - 3545)


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    Madison in Abbotsford!
    Was high, big complainer, total waste of time.
    Does not like to be touched to much


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    Snow Flake - Leolist (0171)

    Waste of time. Ghosted. You can read my review.

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    Tara or Rhia or Anna Moss .. All the same girl .. Waste of Time.. big time Party girl
    She changes names once the name she is using is trashed .. She has a history here,Most reviews are negative,

    250-514-5485 or 778-652-3352

    Stay your homework
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    Jade Anderson


    Wanted to try something a little different,so booked one hour private dance incall with jade. Booking was a little difficult as I did not get the day I wanted, next day which was okay for me. Set up time for early afternoon. Told to contact back two hours before set time which I did, no return text back. Drove into town and was parking not wanting to be late. Approx 30 minutes before set time I received a text, could you please come 30 minutes later, figured okay shit happens.
    Entered unite and said I wanted what I asked for, strip tease dance and I do myself. She said fine, $250. What? Rate was to be $170 as posted and told by text. So I walked out with the increase in hourly rate. I had to walk as I only had $200 on me.
    Did not get my day, time changed per her doing, and finally the rate increase. She looked very nice, but dam. I did not even have $250 with me.
    Was I wrong to walk?

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