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    Only One

    Ok, if you could only pick one massage girl to spend your hard earned money on, who would it be? I think I would probably have to go with Faith. All round hot, sexy, cute friendly, adventuresome, accomodating with generally excellent service.

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    where does faith work?

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    She works a Southern Comfort. By the way, I've only seen Faith at SC, has anyone had any good experiences with anyoone else there?

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    Only one? Gah...tough choices.

    If I'm in need of the massage itself, Anna at Eurospa.
    For everything else, Rosanna at Fantasy.

    Both are currently on extended leave...woe is me.

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    Talking Zoe

    For me, she's a wise crackin tease that loves a guy to can match her nastiness and wit. I really enjoyed her. She's got the legs, the body and the attitude that really do it for me. See my previous post. Search on my name.

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    Picking only one would be impossible for me, there are so many who meet so many of my verious needs, from great massage, great extras, great asian, to great older gal.

    Right now If I had to pick one it would be rebecca at deja vu. She is simply wonderful. Great extras, great conversation, shes simply amazing.
    I think her and Kitt are my fantasy pair.

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