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Thread: Couple looking for Vancouver SP

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    Smile Help...I'm new to this

    My husband & I are going be in Vancouver for a few days next week. I thought I would give him a nice surprise and arrange a meeting with an SP that enjoys couples. Preferably in the 2 browns range (Am I saying this right?).

    I'm specifically looking for a somewhat pretty female SP (basically, someone that's prettier and/or has a better figure then me, which is the whole point of the surprise in the first place) maybe even male & female SP couple - if there is such a thing. Or, if her skill & enthusiasm outweighs her beauty...that's ok too.

    He particularly enjoys BJs and recently discovered the joys of rimming. I'm what I think they call Bi-Curious. He's straight. He's in his mid 30s, part Keanu Reeves/part Nicolas Cage (sexy guy). I'm in my late 20s, more of a Trisha Yearwood - a full figured gal, as they call it - but, gee, I have a great personality LOL (Hey, if I were Julia Roberts then I probably wouldn't be here in the first place, now would I?).

    Anyway, we are both incredibly friendly, very courteous & most importantly...highly respectful of ALL professions. I am confident that the experience will be a pleasant one for all involved (Ok Ok, I'll admit would be more then just "pleasant" for us, it would be more like "down-right-exciting-as-hell!")

    So, any suggestions? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Ms. Shrew

    P.S. I've never actually done this before, so go easy on me. Eight years of marriage and I just want to spice things up a bit.

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    Good luck!

    You can do well to contact any of these ladies that are into couples!

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    Thank you Manpower. I'm checking the link out right now.

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    Too early to know. I'm still looking for one, roadwarrior...we aren't heading up to Vancouver till next week. The link that Manpower posted seems to have quite a few options though. I'm looking into them. I'll let you know what happens.

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    Hey if you were going to make it to the island there is a couple on (Sabrina & Damian) it says they see men/women/couples, and I think they have travelled to Van. Just in case you were interested, she has some pretty good reviews on E&R and TER.
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    Thank you for the information, Bentinck. Unfortunately, we aren't going to make it to the island this trip, but certianly will in the future; consequently, I will keep the couple you suggested in mind.

    You are all being so helpful & so quick to respond. I thank you for that. This may have to turn into more then just a one time surprise at this rate...

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    Call Asian Kitty aka Naomi aka Jill. She advertises on almost every neswpaper. Or Roxanne from Roxanne and Rob. I believe that they have a website on bc erotic they also advertise on GS. But I'd recommend Asian Kitty.

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