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Thread: Blue Topaz

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    Blue Topaz

    Best of Luck to Pam at the New Location.

    If I have 1/4 of the fun and excitement at this place as I have experienced at the old Location. WOW.


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    Any comments on the staff joining Pam at Blue T?

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    Blue Topaz

    Pam is as great as ever, wonderful new spa!
    She works with Andrea (a little large for my tastes, but she does give a great bj for a reasonable price, massage was not so good).
    Saw a new girl there, Brooke is her name, used to work at E-Spa, haven't tried here yet, nice face, an okay body and easy to talk to, I hear she offers a full menu of extras. I will let you know more assoon as I try her.
    I also hear that Pam is looking for 1 more girl to fill her staff.
    I would like to see her get Kelli from Yelena, who retired at christmas to have a baby, she would be a pleasure to see again.

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    Can anyone tell me the services topaz offers? greek? cim? who should I ask for? this will be my first visit to a pm and I want it to be a good one.



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