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Thread: Yank looking for help

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    Yank looking for help

    As a newbie to this board, I am hoping to solicit some help from the established hobbyists. I reside in the Seattle area and have been contemplating a trip to beautiful Victoria to sample the SP talent in that great city.

    I'm looking for a 18-20 yo SP with the following specs:

    Petite 5' -5'4" 95' - 115' 32A -34B

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    Replying to own post...sorry about that....I punched it accidently before finishing.

    In addition to the physical specs, I am, of course looking for a quality GFE with DFK and a SP who accomodates multiple shots on goal. Agency or indie...doesn't matter.

    I realize that this a a very specific profile, but...hey, ask and you may receive....

    Recommendations gratefully accepted.

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    $110/half hour in Canuck $

    $110 Canadian dollars equals $75 US dollars!

    If you are driving up you might as well sample the wears of several. Book a few half hour dates and then book a two hour date with your favorite.

    It is how most guys do their Victoria trips. Please note that they also provide reviews of said dates.

    That being said: go to

    From there you can link to all the agencies and independants. Pick some of those ladies that strike your fancy.
    Do a search of the name and find reviews if any.
    Then ask a couple questions as an informed individual.

    At that time the response you get will be far more meaningful!

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