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Thread: ISO: Korean sp

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    ISO: Korean sp

    Does anyone know of any clean korean/oriental sp
    who charges less then 200/hr
    and is good looking, atleast 8/10
    and less than 25 years of age.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I don't know much about oriental girls but koreans are said to be the prettiest.

    So, do you know of any japanese/chienese sp who fall in that category. I've heard bad things about mps, they get raided often by LE.

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    I beleive there are some Korean SP working at Madame Cleos. I've seen one her name is Jeannie Lee and she's definitely not on my repeat list due to her lack of anthusiasm, attitude problem and too much $$$ though she's actually a cutie. What about Seoul Bodycare. I went over to visit while they were still located out of a house in New West. They're nice girls though maybe not under 25 and their rate is 180/45mins. But they don't see Korean clients if that's what you are. For Chinese/Japanese girls. Asian Kitty is 200/hr and non rushed service she's too been around for a long time she advertises on the westender, GS, and Buy and Sell. She also went by the name of Jill from Jack and Jill. They used to have a website and advertised all over the net. She and her boyfriend are swingers sometimes she'll talk you into having a threesome with her and her boyfriend. She'd let you stay for way over 1 hr even when you pay her only for the hour rate, maybe even close to 2 hrs. She's not young maybe about 30, has a super long nails, long dark hair, very naturally busty a D cup though she has some baby fat on her I guess you can say that she's abit overweight but she provides an excellent massage complete with the hot towels, BBBJ and MSOG for 200/hr if that's what you're looking for and she's also into toys, S&M and very kinky. There is also some Japnese and Chinese Canadian girls working at the Swedish Touch. I've seen 2 of them Yumi and Sue Li. I've seen Sue Li I thinl in 1998 and Yumi in 1999. Yumi is Japanes Canadian and quite young. She's a hottie but very very expensive same with Sue Li, she's Chinese Canadian, has a small tatoo and more petite compare to Yumi, Yumi is pretty tall for Asian girls but both have a fair complexion, dark hair, non enhanced B/C cup and very pretty face. But both are very very expensive and not a high mileage. I haven't seen them for a while because I actually prefer independent girls now than agency or MP but when I had the urge to drop by at the ST about 2 wks ago just to check out the girls. I saw that both women are currently still working there. BTW IMHO Anglelina and Yumiko are both at least an 8 and Angleina is 250/hr an not enhaced and Yukimo is 260/hr and enhanced. Angleina is from Singapore and Yumko is from Taiwan. Both are located in Downtown.

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    Did the prices go up on angleina and Yumko?...WOW...inflation or what

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    Thank you johndoe, very informative. I'll put Jill on my to do list.

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