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    Thumbs up Amy & Jenna

    As a newby to the Victoria scene just wanted to thank all for postings what seem to be, "bang on" reviews, here at PERB. Based on intel from the board, both Amy and Jenna came up as recently reviewed and very hot SP's. Decisions! What to do? As suggested in their listing @ bcdarlings, I decided to go with the stereo experience. Like wow, are these two ladies interactive and hot, gents. It just doesn't get much better than the experience I had with this duo. Don't need to attach much core information as the reviews here are accurate. Just to clarify; Jenna is well tanned, firm, energetic, natural +34B's with wonderfully responsive nipples. She presented wrapped in a beautiful short black dress, that complimented her fine form, and soon gave way to an even better black thong . These two gals are extremely energetic, FUN and "bounce off" one another, in more ways than one. After a cool beverage we all settled in to a relatively a simple bedroom. I'm sure the gals will work on decorating, but I should stress both gals hygiene was +++ and their place clean, discrete, with lots of parking... but who was thinking about parking right?

    Started by suggesting a little massage for Jenna. Well recieved, and even better returned, with both gals participating actively. Both sported nicely trimed and coiffed accessories. They are very comfortable with each other and quickly swept me into what seems a natural and favourite activity, with lots of attention for me and all my hot spots. Moved on through a nice ride by Amy while Jenna was enjoying DATY, then of course the inverse. I think we then did an "inverse of the inverse", all combo's moved naturally together! Incidentally Amy has all the quality features mentioned, some artistic tattoing (shoulder) and a tasteful naval piercing. Yes they are 36C's & enhanced, but kuddo's to her doc. They are "perfect", but also seem perfectly natural, this after considerable research on my part! Much laughter, teasing, and action between us. This is what we all would like from a GFE, but frankly (most) have never got from a GF relationship. So I'd have to rate this > "better" than GFE. Trust me, these gals wore me down, next time more wheaties. Even after we finished ALL the main events, no rush, and a nice giggly rapport established with a long final massage.

    As to the menu, no "hard no's" were received ( a pleasure... who needs a lecture from a SP). I suspect if something were not on the menu these two would creatively substitute another entree of "equal or greater value".

    Summary? Solid 9.5's across the board and a definite return visit. It just don't get better than this in "real world", or with SP'ers.

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    can you give us a rough idea of the $$ for both?

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    Yep. That would be under two browns for 1/2 hour... I think
    this is part of an opening special, don't know when it ends....

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    Glad you enjoyed their company Mitch. I'm not big into the duo sp experience, but boy the two of them sure do tempt me!

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    In regards to the duo rates, Jenna just put up a post on the BCDarlings message area about this:
    Time to go raid the savings account....


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    that's the price for 4some

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