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Thread: big girls

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    big girls

    looking for big and natural girls.

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    U2 song

    U2 put out a B-side called Big Girls Are Best. You should look for it.

    It might help you out...
    Your Friend,


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    Talking C'mon, everyone sing along Fat bottomed girls.......

    "....fat bottomed girls, they make the rockin' world go round!

    Get on your bikes and ride!"

    Problem with answering your post is that many who are big and natural HATE being called that (the BBW syndrome). When I was last in Vancouver, there was a full-figured young lass called Chloe in Surrey. She started out (I think) working with Sammara in New West (dating myself a bit here...or was that April?). She may still be around. She was very pleasant and gave more than her fair share of effort in sessions that often ran way past the time agreed upon.

    Hope that helps in your quest for flesh (and lots of it).
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    In regards to Chloe, 2 things:

    1) Last time I saw her (which was about 2 years ago), she was most definately not a "big" girl anymore as she had apparently lost weight

    2) I'm not sure if she's still around, she has a site up at (under the name Kelli):

    But every time I've sent an e-mail I've gotten no reply.

    If she's still around and someone sees her, I'd be most interested in hearing if she's still as high milleage as she used to be. Had a great time with her.


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    Interesting, when I saw Chloe about 2 years ago, I did find her to be larger than her pics depicted. She had her own incall place in KingGeorge Highway in Surrey.

    Based on her old pics, she was a bigger girl. I believe she is now working in a Burnaby MP and if those pics are truly of her, she definetely has lost a lot of weight. Wow, can hardly believe those are pics of her.

    I found that I had only ok mileage from her, so it may be a YMMV. I'd probably see her again at the MP, depending on what the going rates are.

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    Well as for Chloe not being as big, I never saw her pics before I met her, so maybe that might be why I didn't get the same impression you did.

    As for the YMMV point, perhaps, and perhaps this is why I tend to remember her not so much as a "big" girl, but rather as a wonderful SP (as I had no complains about milleage).

    The only thing is that I miss those days when you used to be able to get a MSOG 1 hour session for $150 (which was what I paid Chloe the time I saw her). Times have definately changed....


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    The only thing is that I miss those days when you used to be able to get a MSOG 1 hour session for $150 (which was what I paid Chloe the time I saw her). Times have definately changed....[/B]
    The last time I saw her (quite awhile ago now) she was an independent in Surrey and it was 6 greens and a purple for 1 hr. And she had other girls working there and a duo was 2 browns and 2 greens. Again, the other girls introduced to me there were "big boned" as well too.

    It was a YMMV, but it was a good experience. I believe she is at MP now.

    Sigh - those were the days. Now average rates start a 2 browns + per hr. Wish my paycheque could keep up with "poon-flation".

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    Speaking of April who use to work with Sammara then she moved out to Langley with Special LAdies but then disappeared.

    Has anyone seen here lately or knows where she is?

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    I know of quite a few classy larger ladies...


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    If you like big girls then you would like Samantha in the B&S, she has a 261- number and is in a really discreet and clean place at the bottom of Kerr and S.E. Marine Dr. She is super clean and is not fat, but a toned big ass girl. You know, the kind that has junk in the trunk. She is into everything, just treat her nice. She is a real GFE.


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    Well, to start she charges seven greens and a purple for 1/2 hr and 9 greens for an hours. The nice thing about going to see her is that her townhouse is pretty private. She has a great personality and is very friendly, but I get the sense that you must be on the same page as well. We started off with a massage and then she dropped to her knees and gave me a cbj. Then we moved onto some daty followed by a tight 69. Very, very sexual person. It was a girlfriend experience. The only negatives which were not that bad were upselling. She went about it in a nice way, for instance she would say that she loves greek. I told her lets do it. She said it would be 12 greens total. She has a big booty but it is firm. All in all she is in not bad shape for a big girl, no gut, or double chins. I'd try her again. Let me know if you do it.


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    Everyone keeps talking about Danika, but no one has any solid evidence of being with her.


    Give me the goods

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    2cums you are a bastard.

    I had to wash my eyes out with soap.

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    Beautiful 2cums, even more better than i thought.


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    I don't think i'm gonna have sex with her even if she pays me $$$.

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