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Thread: 2 hr for price of 1

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    has anyone tried eurolove escort?

    how is the girls. are they girlfriend material. How about the 2 for 1 deal. Is it too good be true ?

    Please advice

    email [email protected]

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    Question Can you tell us the 411?

    Hey Micheal,

    Lots of people have been asking about Candice Starrek! Have you any info to pass along?

    The perberts in here are in need of some solid massage and HJ!

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    Manpower. Last time I heard of her was while I was away in business. She email me to request me to state that she was not in the business as sp, but rather a massage therapist. I comply and put out a statement.

    If you want to know or request for an appointment (I don't know if she still take appointment), she can be reached at She has recent picture up and I must say she is vstill very beautiful.

    In fact if you reach her, please tell us whether she is still open for business.

    I woudn't mind seeing her as soon as I get time off from my business trips.



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    Slideshow thanks you save me some problem and time seeing these girls.



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    Side show Bob has not seen any of our girls, so I don't know where he is coming from. If you look on the web site you will see that the current special is called Early Bird Hard-on Special (before 10 PM ). It is true that we ran this special on for the first 2 months, but now have reduced it to 10 PM. after that it is regular price. We carry over 15 girls that you can choose. Not all are on every night and the ones on our web site I have stressed many times and if you read under "ABOUT US" category on the web site you will see that the web site represents also girls in our agency in Europe. However we do have 3 girls that are on the web site that are here: Veronika, Kyra and Angelica. Michael thank you for your interest in us and hope to here from you soon, so that you can experience first hand our service, and comment after. Unlike Side show who has not used us and is just jumping on the band wagon.


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    In your implied meaning of the word "saw," you're right, I did not pay for services from your escort. As for the word "girl," that would be a stretch of the English language. I think “older lady” would be more appropriate. I did SEE your escort and we talked briefly. The conversation lasted long enough for me to tell her she was not as the operator described.

    That's all fine and dandy europaman, but how about an end to the canned responses and some resolution to your company’s bait and switch tactics.

    Use the search feature and look up eurolove or euro love, and make your own decisions.

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