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Thread: Lacy Lovelle - review

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    Lacy Lovelle - review

    I had seen her ads numerous times but had never been able to connect for one reason or another. As luck would have it, I was done early on Friday, sent her a quick email, and the next thing you know I was strolling into her Incall. She doesn't really resemble her pictures in my opinion, but I would say she is more attractive in person. Her pics look too photoshopped for my liking, so I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in. She made me feel quite at home with some friendly chatting, then hinted that we were both far too over-dressed. I didn't need much prompting and pretty quickly we were both naked and engaged in some sensuous DFK. Another pleasant surprise was that her breasts were much bigger than in her photos (not huge but a perfect size). My hands and mouth explored her chest much to her delight as I could hear her moaning, and when my hand wandered down between her legs there was a clear indication that I was doing the right thing.

    She moved onto a very nice CBJ including paying some close attention to the boys below. Her tongue brought me close to popping a couple of times so I had her spin around so that I could enjoy some 69. I was as if our tongues were in a race to see who could make the other one cum first. I then had her go on her back so I could pay closer attention to her kitty, and in no time my tongue had her arching her back, squeezing her thighs together, and squealing in a face soaking orgasm. After a few minutes to compose herself, she resumed her CBJ until it was showtime. Lacy is nice and snug, but seeing as how she was quite wet, I slid in easily. It was fabulous playing with her tits with one hand, her clit with the other, and sliding in and out, all the while hearing her moans. That wonderful combination was what took me over the top and I blew my load soon after.

    After collapsing in a sweaty panting heap, we embraced for a bit until our heart rates resumed their normal rhythm, then she cleaned me up. A little chit chat followed until it was time to go.

    Having finally managed to see her, I think I'll try harder to make an appointment the next time she is in town.

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    Great review HDS!
    So sad! My blow-up doll left me today. Damn..... I never should have used helium!

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