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Thread: Annie??

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    Has anyone see this sp? Any reviews?

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    She looks a lot like someone I saw a few years ago...only her name was Kat. If it's the same, not bad at all. I do remember her being a little pricy though.

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    Body isn't bad, but I think she is still caught in the 80's style. I would have to say average services, I have only seen her once, though and that was a few years ago.


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    Check canbest. There was discussion about this lady, I believe also known as carol-lynne or carol-anne strachan.

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    She used to go by the name Kathleen (Kat) and she used to publish an indie escort guide with photos a few years ago. Her prices were quite good back then (1 brown and 1 red all inclusive) and gave great service. If you became a regular the price didnt change but the service kept getting better. Nice body back then and I am assuming still is now. I dont know if her rates have gone up now but I would recomend her if you like a lady with BIG T's and lots of experiance at her job>

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