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Thread: MHO obout Kessa

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    MHO obout Kessa

    Well, have been in this hobby for close to 18 years now, but I have only been at this site for a month or so. So I guess it is time I gave a little input.
    I am an avid window shopper. Meaning that I must see the SP in advance of the meeting, or at least a picture. The later is always taken with a grain of salt, as we know photos tend to be inacurate. Being old, or not even of the SP.
    Anyway, back to the original topic. I came across the ad for Kessa on EC, and I though it sounded good, but again, no picture. Knowing how I have been burned so many times from ads in the BS, I thought I would email her, and ask if she could send me a couple of pics. She stated on her website that she would send pics to select people, so I asked nicely, and she sent me a few. She said she looked like Kate Moss, well I couldn't tell about the face, as it was blurred out. But as for being VERY thin like a super model, YES. Her arms were Anna Rexik like. So I stopped right there. I don't care how nice of person or how good of service she offers, being thin like that is an absolute turn off for me.

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    chickenbone is predictable

    Funny how chickenbone always seems to be trashing some new or popular escort. This time he admits never even having seen Kessa but says from her pics she is "too thin". Yeah, whatever....... I too have seen some of her pics and she looks very hot to me.

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    On her site, she states "virginal and pure".

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    Talking "Sweet and freshly blossoming "

    "It's rare to find a girl who is as young and gorgeous as me"
    "Virginal and pure, I am an 18-year-old ethereal fairy-princess with a delicate waifish figure, and a soft peaches and porcelain complexion."

    Direct quotes from her website. I got some pics too. Will not enter the fray on this debate but will say, she could use a meal or two IMHO. This one is, again IMHO, a head case who wants $$$$$ to fuel her ego.

    If someone takes one for the team on her and finds that she is worth two, three or even four sessions with other providers, then please report and prove us cynical old b*astards wrong. Until then, and I hate to say the 's' word, this smells of, as Eric Idle once said, "scam, scam, scam, scam, scam, wonderful scam!"

    Does anyone remember Candace 34D? Does any of this sound familiar?

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    Hmm chickenbone, first you say you take photos "with a grain of salt, as we know photos tend to be inacurate" (inaccurate), then you go on to make your decision on whether to see her or not based on the photo?

    Anyway, with a handle such as "chickenbone" one would think you would like them that way .

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    Wink Kessa = Candace 34D 2003 Version


    Meesa thinks Kessa isa fake. I do, I do.

    Messa maybe wrong but spidey senses rarely ever let Howie down in past.

    Sorry to throw water on your flames.

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    I have not been there but have it on good athority that this gal provides excellent service! I agree the rate is too high!

    $200 - $250/hr would probably garnish her a hell of alot more business!

    $160/hr and everyone of you pooners would be lined up!

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    I also think Kessa is too thin in the pic. But she probably looks a bit different in person. I dont see SP from my home or I would have gave Kessa a go. Didnt feel like spending money on motel or hotel.

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