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Thread: Castelgar (West Koots)

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    Castelgar (West Koots)

    Castlegar Area------Anyone got any hot leads for this area other than the tired peelers at the Marlane in Castlegar. I logged onto perb, but I am from Hamilton....job has brought me out here for a few days and I am on the prowl....H E L P !

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    Lightbulb Try the Palm Sisters!

    You are in for tough luck!

    That area of BC is full of religous right wingers who look down on such things.

    You will have to sharpen up those "dating skills" as some like to say.


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    Man, why don't you shave your head and become a monk for a while?

    Try the bar scene at Trail or maybe Nelson. There might be some semi-pro action although it might be pretty amateurish service.

    Spokane, Washington is not really that far away if you are in the area long enough to make a road trip.

    There used to be some "wide open" small towns with brothels in a few other counties south of the border. Wallace, Idaho was an infamous destination town of old. You could shoot a slingshot from one end of town to the other but one little block in the middle had a saloon on each corner with red light houses in between. I have no idea if this is still the case but if you ask around, some of the local guys will know.

    One of the most famous quotes I have ever heard was from a buddy after a trip to Wallace: "Wow, she gave me a half and half - next time I'm asking for nine-tenths and one tenth!"

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    Thanks for words of sympathy. Still checking out the area... and working on the dating, this work.

    Next trip, I will fly with a stop in Kelowna!

    At least there, you can start with the newspaper ads.

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