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Thread: tylo?

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    thinking of seeing her. ads on h.north.
    anyone had the pleasure?

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    I saw her last year. She seems friendly but I think she is reserved. will only allow cg and that is it but she talks dirty. I know this was asked long time ago but I just recently signed on perb and wasn't aware of this place.

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    *shrug* she hasn't changed her pictures since before I joined PERB... if ever, in memeory. That's all I can say.

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    Saw her a couple of years ago.

    If memory serves, it was a pretty rushed experience..

    no interest in going back.

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    I saw her when HWN first started. A nice body, great jugs,lots of dirty talking, which didnt make for a comfortable experiance since it was only my second time with an SP. It was not IMHO, one of the best times that Ive had, but each to there own. Maybe things have gotten better with time?

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