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Thread: Where can a guy with a very large penis find a greek SP?

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    for the Japan lady there is no spa at 53rd that I know of?? There is one spa at 49 and New World at 44.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario_Lopez View Post
    if you are serious about your size im sure surrey jewel will help you good luck Matador
    Thanks for the recommendation Mr. Lopez. Btw, he was serious lol.

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    Monicamassage of Richmond. She does greek very well. has a muscular ass Search CL monicamassage

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    my apologies... it's the amp called new world near victoria and 43rd st.. my mistake in quoting 53rd st earlier. she is not always there... call the place to see who is working or ask for the japanese girl when you get there...

    I was offered to try greek. that's how I found out she is into this sort of foreplay. sigh.. sad to say.. I'm a one hole wonder..

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    Agree with the VV recommendation.

    You might also try Deidre Malloy - she loves greek, but I guess YMMV depending on your equipment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vancity_cowboy View Post
    fallen angel might have what you are looking for. never been but she advertises as having the equipment
    Fallen Angel can definitely accommodate any size of gentleman. She si a little older though, maybe mid 30's, covers up her mid section. But for great Greek at any size shes diffidently worth it.

    She can be a little hard to get though so if you can't get an appointment right away keep trying.

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