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Thread: ISO SPs in New West, Burnaby or East Van area

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    ISO SPs in New West, Burnaby or East Van area

    Anyone have any recommendations for SPs in the New West, North Burnaby or East Vancouver areas?
    Preferably young independents without the attitude.

    ps...what/where is BEX?

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    Well, for New West, I've personally seen Michelle, who advertises in the Buy & Sell. She's a young qt with a great attitude.

    One's I haven't yet seen include Jennifer (who generally is recommended by others), and some new girl named Amber (who I know nothing about). Both advertise in the B&S.


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    Check out Sara or Gabriella in the Lougheed Mall area.

    Good service from both, but both have a bit of a spotty rep for not answering the door. BUt when they do......yippee!

    Both advertise in the B&S.

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