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Thread: Edmonton Incalls?

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    Edmonton Incalls?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm heading out to Edson AB on the long weekend in May. Now, unless anything has changed, I know there taint too much in Edson. But, I fly to Edmonton and drive to Edson. I'm thinkin' that I could my start my working weekend off to a good start (I hope) by seeing an sp on an incall basis.

    I'm not really interested in mpa's. I've seen them and for the same amount of $$ I can get fs. So, are there any places in Edmonton that offer incall service. Either agency or indie that you could recommend?

    The kind of girl I like. Naturally pretty, girl-next-door. slim to medium build (I don't mind a bit of meat on her bones) c-d cups.

    If I haven't given enough info, let me know. Looking forward to your suggestions and yes, I will definitely review my time. Feel free to hop over to TERB and see my reviews under the same name.

    Feel free to send me to one (if there is anyone) who is new or hasn't had a lot of reviews about her. I'm always looking for new talent.

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    I'm hearing a common thing out here about staying away from agency or indie sp's.

    However, your MP set up here is a bit more liberal than what we have in Toronto (except for asian mp's)

    So, I think I'm going to give at least 1 hopefully 2 a try. So, since I'm a newbie to this area, I have no problem in being a guinea pig and testing anyone new. If there's someone you've wanted to see a review on but haven't yet, feel free. But, if I have a bad session, I need a really good one to make it up to me when I leave for home. I only have 2 shots at this.

    So with that in mind.....any suggestions??

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    i wasn't 100 % sure but i did see tammy once and she didn't look hardly at all like her pictures. service sucked too, and way too much $$. I met reese at euro and she didn't quite get my fancy, but i never had a session with her.

    Girls i'd like to see a review on, morgan at wild rose, or Shawna from fantasy.

    If all else fails there's allways kitt at deja vu, she seems to be a real crowd pleaser. (i haven't met her personally yet)

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    a simple solution to bait and switch?

    Although I've never tried an escort agency here in Edmonton, I have in other cities. I look for one with a code of conduct that protects customers and SPs - such as this agency in Toronto:

    Check out #10 on that policy list:

    Any client who feels he has been deceived about an escort's appearance is free to refuse the appointment at the door.
    Now my question is this: if you find yourself the victim of a bait-and-switch and you don't get the girl that you expect, why not simply tell her to piss off and shut the door?

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    Take it from a guy who learned the hard way, stay away from agencies in Edmonton. Save your money and disappointments.

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    Shawna from Fanstasy?

    Do a search buddy. She's in here somewhere.

    Tall, slim, hot babe.

    Good time, but she'll spend her time looking in the mirror, not in your eyes.

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    Originally posted by James
    Shawna from Fanstasy?...
    Tall, slim, hot babe.
    Good time, but she'll spend her time looking in the mirror, not in your eyes.
    That's a big strike against her then. Take a look at any of my reviews on TERB and you'll see how that's a big part of my sessions.

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    Hey Wooly,

    Based on experiences gained over the past year or so.....

    On the west side:

    Jaimie at Cloud 9 is a winner. Great time, great service. Looks a little like Nicole Kidmann. I see on another thread that you want DATY, she didn't go for it with me, but she had some other open-minded ideas that made up for it!

    On the east side:

    Shawna at Fantasy - with the previously noted caviat. She's very good, but she likes to watch herself.

    Katrina at Fantasy - saw her while she was still at Southern Comfort. Really good, fun service. Possibly my ATF for Edmonton, Jaimie would be her competition that award.


    Penthouse is convenient, I've had some good rides (not great) there. Reasonable rates at all three, 2 browns last time I was in town.
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    check out my lastest posting on Jaden for a true and accurate pictures of SPs in Edmonton - they aren't all agencies... and you can get a decent service for a fair price. Please don't forget that the people who run MPs also have computers and do their utmost to screw over the competition (SPs).

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