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    what the heck happened to that place. seemed like they were the next best thing, then got burned down, then up again, then "poof"; fell off the face of the earth. any news?

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    Pinky is still running the place. They have moved into a house in a residentual area on the west side. Please is really quite nice and furnished. Was there only the one time since they moved in and that was a few months ago. Still the same. Nice, fresh new Korean SP's. Same type of service as before. Bathrooms are much nicer. As of today, they are still there, but being in a residentual area, I'm not sure how much longer. Entrance is through the back door.

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    How do I get ahold of them? Is there a phone number to call? What time are they open til? Who is the best Korean SP? Thanks!

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    LQQKING for Seol BBQ HOUSE...hahaa... here's the No.604-828-8696

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    Question Who do you recommend at Seoul?

    Based on the most current info, who would you recommend at Seoul? I prefer younger SPs, but enthusiasm and skill are always the equalizer...

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    Well Clemens...If I do reccommend u sumone,I just can't...Each girl will treat u different...Young,they are....Enthusiam...hmm...that would depend on u and her...I believe the more u go the more mileage u get...Which in return skill and enthusiam will kick in...

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    Talking about Koreans,made me very hungry....I dropped by yesterday and what do u know...Two new girls...So I choose the taller one named Rebecca...She's about 5'7 good figure and nice legs...Talking about a newbie,her service was limited for the fact she talks a little english...I believe in due time that would all change once she gets comfortable in her new profession...
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