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    Question Alley Cat

    Could anyone give info on the location and/or phone number for Alley Cat. I'm heading to Surrey for a laser treatment to stop smoking! Thought I'd "treat" myself before going in. Price/service. Any info would be helpful.

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    I personally prefer Serenity over Alley Cats. Better ladies, rooms & attitudes. Check the Province newspaper for listings.

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    Thanks 2cums and Pace maker. Appreciate the info. I'll post a review after my visit.

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    I passed by Alley Cats on Thursday night. I didn't go in because it was closed. I missed the door & I saw a notice on another door. It was a chilling notice that read: "The premises have been vacated. Anyone caught inside will be arrested.". I found out from the video store next door that the apartment beside Alley Cats was used for crack dealing & usage. Anyway, it's now been banned for renting. But otherwise, Alley Cats is still open.
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