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Thread: Review: Jenna Independant

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!

    Review: Jenna Independant

    A few weeks ago i had the chance to get to "know" Jenna. She has long blonde hair and a shapely little body to her. Quite attractive and in her 20's.

    Her best feature is her firm butt.... which is round and heart shaped. She told me she wanted to be a fitness instructor as I was bouncing coins off her ass! bwhahaha!

    At 57 cents, I was totally convinced that she works on that athletic figure of hers at least twice a week and thats a good thing. She's even got her own little circuit training right there on the bed! (The thighmaster station gives me a stiffy!) - 8/9/7.5

    HEY! how come Gold's Gym doesnt have this??!!!

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    contact info?
    Hey HD, how about contact info and rates! I get to Victoria every month and like to line up my prospects. Is she in MondayMag? Cup size?

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    Cool Jenna , contact info

    Jenna listed at....

    to answer your question all the info you asked for, plus pics, can be found at the above link and she is also listed in the monday..hope that helps...have a good time
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