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Thread: Looking for some help

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    Looking for some help

    Hi everyone,

    I hope I am posting this in the right forum. Please move this to the appropriate area if it isn't.

    I'm new on this board but, I am a member of TERB. Feel free to hop over there and read any of my reviews if you wish. I have the same handle there.

    I'm heading out to Merritt, BC in June and was wondering if anyone could help with some advice about some sp's too see.

    To be honest, I have no idea where Merritt is (sorry guys). So I don't know where to begin. Not even sure if anything is available or near by. If you could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

    As far as I know, I'm staying at a Best Western. I didn't book so, I don't know for sure.

    The kind of girl I like. Naturally pretty, girl-next-door. slim to medium build (I don't mind a bit of meat on her bones) c-d cups. prefer a non-smoker.

    Menu options: FS, DFK & DATY (a must or forget it) positions, the rest are optional. No surprises like "extra charges"

    If I haven't given enough info, let me know. Looking forward to your suggestions and yes, I will definitely review my time. Like I said feel free to hop over to TERB and see my reviews.

    Feel free to send me to one (if there is anyone) who is new or hasn't had a lot of reviews about her. I'm always looking for new talent.


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    Going for a car rally event. New stop for us as part of the Canadian National Championship.

    Besides, I think a girl can look pretty damn cute with that whole "farmers daughter" look. Could do without the shotgun though!
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    You will be in cattle country!

    I have been there many times. It is about two hours from Vancouver, BC.

    There is no massage places, there are no Escorts agencies, there are no independents in the paper. You basically have to work the local bars. Also, the only time I was able to get something it was by asking the cab driver who alerted me to the phone number of the "Town Pump". I have since lost that number, mostly because the service was sub-par and a date with the Palm Sisters would be a better date.

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    All I have to say is......good luck my friend! Merrit is a nice enough town, but there is absolutely NO action there at all!

    You would be better off making the driver down to Vancouver (2 hours or so) and trying one of our local SPs....

    Just my 2 cents!

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    There are several SP's who are based out of Abbotsford and Chilliwack, but their quality doesn't compare to what you can get in Greater Vancouver, including a few good ones in Surrey. If you're into stunning large chested younger ladies, check out Angel in Surrey. It'll save you 30 mins or so drive into Vancouver and she's a fun gal. Good luck.

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    Once you get a look at the road map of B.C. you'll understand this cheesy old grade school joke, "Merritt is beyond Hope!"

    Seriously, it is a small town and without any official professional sex outlets. However, pro's do follow the race car business around so there may be some travelling types there, likely hanging around looking available. Also, car racing is a bit of a sub-culture in small towns so there should be some local groupies looking to make the scene - try the bars. I've also run into some "semi-pro's" in these small town bars - a girl once who would bang me for the night if I paid her for the blow she consumed. So it's partly a matter of brushing up on your dating skills and partly keeping a good eye out for likely material - but do be discreet when you ask the question - some of those boyfriends up there don't put up with any big city nonsense and they are tough, horse wranglin' dudes!

    Kamloops is a much larger city and is not too many hours drive away. I believe there are some massage parlours there as well as outcall agencies in the yellow pages. And Vancouver is only 4 hours by car from Merritt if the Hwy 5 pass isn't snowed in - and it shouldn't be at that time of year.

    But poon or not, those folks do know how to party! They are friendly and fun and will no doubt be excited as hell about the event so have fun!

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    First, I would like to thank all of you for responding and trying to help. It doesn't look good though does it. My work hours will keep me until late - 9pm or so and then early role call in the morning. So, I would say that no more than a 2 hr drive (there and back)would be all I could muster. If there isn't anything with that range I might just have to try the bar scene and see what happens.

    I'm still open for ideas though.

    Kev - I don't know if we're going to be at the raceway. Ralliies are held on public roads that are closed for the event. This is as about as real racing as you can get. They will normally rally about 300-500 km's over the weekend. They may go to the raceway for a spectator stage though. I'm not sure. I haven't checked the schedule yet. I have 2 events in Edson & Calgary AB, before I head there.

    Big Trapper - I know about the groupie scene in auto racing. Had the chance to sample some when I did a NASCAR West event in Portland a few years back. Them beauty queens at the track sure are friendly to us Canadians!! The groupies in rallies aren't as good. Some are down right scary. But, there are a few (especially in Quebec!) that make your head turn. I don't know what kind of luck I'll have in the local bars. I won't be the only guy there from the series and that could be a lot of competition to go up against. And, that's if there's anything to really compete for.

    *Sigh* I was so hoping for some good news.

    As I mentioned above - Long weekend in May I'm heading to Edson. I think I land in Edmonton and drive the rest to Edson. Any good incall places there (Edmonton) for sp's to start my trip off right? There is nothing, except an SC that closes at 10pm (WTF?) in Edson or the surrounding areas as far as I know.

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    Edmonton - can't help you there, the Edmonton board looks active so those boys should be able to help you out. Do be prepared to eat some of the finest steak in the land, though. Ask anybody, even the car rental clerk, what the best steakhouse in town is and go there. The boys on the Edmonton board should be able to help you in that department too.

    Edson? - Better brush up on yer square dancin' there pardner!

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    maybe Lyla

    How far is Edson from where Lyla lives? I can't remember where she is but it is a one horse town in Alberta and she travels around there.

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    Re: maybe Lyla

    Originally posted by Clayton
    How far is Edson from where Lyla lives? I can't remember where she is but it is a one horse town in Alberta and she travels around there.
    four to five hours drive, she lives near Calgary, you will be way north and west from there. It's a long way for someone not used to the distances in the West.

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    Hey Woody110, if your're headin' to Edmonton, I believe your best bet for service are the numerous massage parlors (MP) in town. There are quite a few quality ladies that work at the MP's.

    Second choice, are the independent SP's. The downer is there doesn't seem to be a whole lot to choose from and what I have seen the service appears so so. I have never booked.

    The escort agencies, I been told that's should be the last choice on list. ...poor service and money hungry (be prepared to pay $$$, everything is an extras). I booked once about two years ago never again...the service was piss poor!

    Take Big Trapper's advise and check the Edmonton board...the posters are very helpful.

    Hope this helps, happy pooning cowboy!


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    Hey, you guys are great. I'm getting alot of help here. I hope I'm able to repay somehow with my review. Either on here or on TERB. I have asked the question in the Edmonton section too. Stupidity on my part to tag it on a post in here.

    Still looking to figure out something for Merritt. But that's not until June so there's still plenty of time to figure things out.

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    Try Kelowna. It's about an hours drive east and has a few MPs and "some" street scene.

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