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    Simply Sensational

    Well Payday came and The Newguy decided it was time to unwind. He head over to simply sensational to check the place out. It is located on Mcleod Trail inside a business building. Went there afterhours when all the business people was gone and was met by a older lady name CJ. Room fee was just $20 for the 1/2 hr massage, went in took his shower and got ready for a massage. Massage was real good and very relaxing. Good deep massage from head to toe. Wasn't into older lady so he just went with the basic. Basic was good, there was some licking and kissing on the body when the basic was happening. When he was about to explode she did slow down to make it last longer. Overall this place is good for massage and a basic, too bad the SP was older or he will go with the full service.


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    Hey NewGuy!

    What kind of body does CJ have? Provide a few more details??

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