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Thread: Quick question..

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    Quick question..

    I noticed there is a claudia at Penthouse these days. Is this the same claudia formerly of cloud nine?

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    Claudia at Penthouse is indeed Claudia from Cloud Nine. Saw her a few times at the Cloud. Very pretty, killer tight figure. Very restrictive. After a few visits things didn't improve so tried others at Cloud Nine. My personal favorite from there, who is now also at Penthouse, is the lovely Krissy. Petite, also with a tight bod but a lot more mileage. Treat her right and your will be rewarded.

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    I gather that about 1/2 of the Penthouse girls used to be at Cloud 9, and came over via mass exodus.

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    Pamela, Krissy Crystal & Claudia for sure came from Cloud 9. Seems to have happened when Alex left & Stevie returned & took over. Other Penrhouse girls: Savannah was at XTC, Diana & Sasha are ex-Fantasy.

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    Yeah I wasn't too impressed with Claudia either. Good looking with a great body, but blah blah I care about your car! The performance wasn't spectacular either. Crystal on the other hand was amazing, Layla was incredible as well.

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    Pretty sure Claudia used to be a pleasure Point, Not sure of her name, but it sounds like her Not too many good things to say about her besides that she is extremely attractive. When I saw her I opted for FS but she wouldn't take her hand away frommy whazzis, Like she was ready for the rubber to come off.Turn off in my book.

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