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    Talking Facts i need

    Hello, boys, well first of all, blue topaz, is it only pam who works here? or are there others? second, are there any asians mp's in the city with large racks? and third has anyone been to or heard of this european body styling? is it the full meal deal or what? lemme know

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    blue topaz

    Pam, is working with 3 other girls, Dani, Laci and Andrea (who use to work with Pam, up on 17th).
    I have seen Pam many times and always left with a smile on my face.
    The only other one I have seen was Andrea, good service, less on the menu, for me she didn't turn my crank like Pam. I have not seen her in 2yrs.
    Good luck super9er.

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