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    Im new here but can someone tell me what some of the codes mean? Like gfe/pse bbbj dfk daty ymmv
    Im not stupit but would like to no so I can do a better post.
    Thanks Fullerguy

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    1) Scroll down this page to where it says "forum jump" or "forum directory" or whatever

    2) Use the little black triangle to bring up the site map

    3) Click on "Vancouver escorts"

    4) If it doesn't take you there right away, click on "Go"

    5) Look for the "sticky" that says, "definitions" or something like that.

    Many of the terms you seek are in the posts in that thread. Links are offered that will take you to other websites with lists of definitions so long and so numerous and so detailed that they might even give you some ideas for fun that you never thought of before. Look out ladies - here comes another one!!

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