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Thread: Northland Massage?

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    Northland Massage?

    I read a couple reviews of northland massage and seemed like a good place to go for a first visit to a MP.

    Its also on my way home.

    I drove behind the macs area and couldn't find anything, as well as the strip mall next to it.

    Has it gone or changed name? I saw a sign for a "asian beauty" salon but that didn't seem right.

    I am into asians..I'd like to visit Yumi as I heard she was HOT from this board...could somebody PM me with price I should expect?


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    Re: Northland Massage?

    Re: I drove behind the macs area and couldn't find anything...

    "Frustrated" you just didn't look hard enough. It is directly behind the MACS, along the Strip mall, near the centre. It's right next door to a Chinese Physio/Chiropractic clinic.

    Look for it, ask for Joanna. Forget Yumi. If you like Asians you'll love Joanna! Report back and let us know how it went.

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