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Thread: Kristi @ Classy Ladies

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    Kristi @ Classy Ladies

    On yet another recent trip to the Victoria area, I called Classy Ladies yet again. The menu inclued the usual range of slim, trim tighties called "open minded" (read: half and half) by the phone gal, and Kristi. Kristi was described as an "hourglass", and I'd seen the pictures, but I thought "what the hell?, they said she was really uninhibited!" .

    She's bigger, in many ways, than most of the Classy gals. Not fat, but she's a big girl. She's also clearly older, by five years at least, than the advertised 31. The big and fairly firm headlights in the picture are all there. Real would be my guess.

    So, off came the gear, she whips out her toy and puts it to use. Then she whips out my member and, holy shit, what a star! She hungers for it! This gal doesn't just give you a BJ, she consumes it! She doesn't just give FS, she lives for it. Lots of energy, loves to dive on the Johnson, and f**ks like it's gonna be the last time that she gets it! I really thought that Classy's creaky old bed was gonna give out.

    Like I said, bigger and older than the rest of the CL crowd that I've seen. But, over the year or so that I've been going there - she's in the top ten percent performance wise.

    If you don't mind some extra cushion, this gal really likes, and is worth, the pushin.
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    James, I had the opportunity to hook up with Kristi during a Victoria trip early in the new year. Concur with your opinion, she's older, she's bigger and she's a real goer. Did this nipple pinching thing to me that took a couple days to recover from...

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    Kristi is now at IB which seems well set up, no visible drywall etc.

    Older (mid-30's) than the "new to the business" 20 year old ones but 10 for attitude, enthusiasm and aptitude.

    James's review is quite accurate.

    Must save up some energy for a repeat..

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    hmmm ... new member jbeets? Just registered on June 27th? Only the one post? Seems to me like you might be someone from IB using a pseudonym .... those are pretty high numbers ... 10's all the way, huh? You seem really impressed by Kristi. In fact, I'm sure you would not have one bad thing to say about her or IB, now would you? Inquiring minds want to know ....

    Rayna Starr

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    Hello Miss Star

    I am not going to delete your post...BUT I am unimpressed by the tone of your comment. All things considered, please refrain from making further comments regarding the subject

    Victoria Mod

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