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    Question High Track Question

    My girlfriend is looking into working as both an escort and streetwalker in the Robson/Seymour Area.
    I'm wondering, how much does the average girl down there make in 1 night?
    Also, is that area safe? will she experience any bad tricks or extortion from pimps?

    this information would be of great help.
    Thank you.

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    Pardon me? Am I reading that properly?
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    I would recommend she stay away from the Seymore area... I've seen the pimps standing (in some cases) not 50 feet away from the girls.

    I'd actually recommend she stay away from the SW scene alltogether, and go the independant route.

    Your call, of course, but safety from VD as well as getting the snot beat out of her would be my priority if I were you.

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