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Thread: Backup SP?

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    Backup SP?

    We all have favourite SP we'd like to see that nite. Most SP are reliable and they do show up on time. I use to let these girls who no-show me annoy me and wreck my night. After being around a bit I realized that I should always have a backup plan. The hardest part is when a person first start out with this hobby. They may not have a backup SP or know where else too go. That's why this use to bug me so much. Now it's a bit diff, If someone screws me over and not show up for a appointment, I have a backup.
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    Thumbs up Backup SP.

    A backup SP is just like a backup battery or a backup flashlight, heck a backup spare tire, even a backup Medical School application.

    Good safety protocols, when the blue balls can't get any bluer.

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    back up

    I have had SPs stand me up more times than I care to remember, and a back up plan is always good. But sometimes its is better to wait and take a cold shower than blow 2 browns on a medicore experience.

    Depends on how desparate you are at the time.

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    My backup plan is always a mp. Then, if there isn't any lookers, there is always another mp up the street.

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