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Thread: Visiting Vancouver?

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    Visiting Vancouver?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I currently live and work at an establishment here in Toronto. I'm in the midst of planning a trip to Vancouver to visit a girlfriend and I'm hoping to work for the 2 weeks that i'll be there. I'd prefer to not work outcalls. I'm new to this board, but not to TERB...can someone please pm me with some names and or phone #'s of any reputable incall establishments in Vancouver??? I appreciate any help offered!

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    Question Hmm...

    Thanks...I think.

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    Hey Moondog maybe you should read better yourself.

    It would seem that Too Sexy is a lady from Toronto looking for some work in YVR.


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    Yes, I am a lady from Toronto and yes, I'd like to work for the short time that i'll be in B.C. If I choose to go the indie route, how do I go about advertising?

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    You can contact a local mag called "westender" - they carry escort ads... you can also place ads in "the Province" another newspaper.

    You can check out websites like as they also are known to carry ads from independents.....

    Kev is right.... get a comfy hotel, centrally located, discreet access and a cell phone....

    You can also post an ad here on PERB - there is a link somewhere for that....

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