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    Question Club Yelena

    I have not been to the Club, since Kelli retired. Wish I knew where see went.
    Are there any girls, other than Sam, worth visiting?

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    Yumi is good if you into asians.

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    who to see?

    Thanks Newguy, I have seen Yumi in the past. No complaints, nice package and good extras, but she doesn't turn my crank, if you know what I mean.
    Are there any new girls, there that might put a lump in my shorts?

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    Try charlene dark hair really gets into it, Paris has a nice set and she is very friendly. there is another brunette there with a nice set cant remember her name. Overall the rooms were nice and the girls were attractive.

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    Club Yelena is a nice facility with an attractive friendly staff. I've seen most of the girls working there. They're all in the late 20's, early 30's. Suzanne is a slender blonde with natural b's or c's and gives the best massage of those i've seen. Paris and Bailey are pretty similiar looking...tall brunettes with nice enhanced racks and friendly attitudes. Jo-jo is asian, shorter with a nice body. Charlene is a good looking brunette, looks a little younger than the rest. Sasha looks to be of mediterranean descent.

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    I agree bailey gets into the session, good eye contact. no kissing but digits and daty are all on the menu. multiple positions once we got into it. Ran overtime as we were both enjoying our session, but it was worth it.

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    Bailey's Response

    Please state your client name and date you were in to see me. I am Bailey and the session you have described above is not at all accurrate with any session I've had. So either you have me confused with someone else or are someone trying to hurt me and ruin my reputation either way i needed to state that although some enjoy my friendly personality I could in no way shape or form perform the activities above as the client's health as well as mine is of the utmost offense to anyone who may par take in the riskier behavior(outside the norm, as i know as an mp it's all risky.) To each there own .I am just not one of them.So I hope I've set the record straight without stepping on toes .But I could not let this be here without a response.Beaver, since you can obviously see that I'm am in disagreement with your comments and dismayed at the thought of clients expecting that of me ,maybe you will do the right thing and remove your post or edit so it reads true .I invite you in to see me and discuss this matter in person. If it's someone trying to damage my reputation know that karma is a bitch.The review boards would be more useful if people didn't use it for their own agendas and it was accurate then clients wouldn't have to waste their time or money chasing fairytales.I guess my point is don't believe everything you read, when it's out of context with anything ever written give the girl the benefit of the doubt because how many girls in this business allow those kind of things?( Not many I'm sure.)

    Well I guess I've taken enough space,

    Moderator thanks for accepting my membership and giving me a chance to respond to things posted about me.

    Everyone Else Take Care and Be Safe

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    Bailey, I respect your limits, but many girls in your business do offer those services, and more. Perhaps none at CY, but certainly at other places.

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    Club Yelena - great! - nice theme rooms, excellent staff
    Carrie's North - average - sorta assembly-lineish
    Golden Image - a real dive - grungy towels, shower across the hall - yuck


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