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Thread: Some Advice on a Duo

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    Some Advice on a Duo

    I'm not sure why, but I'm having a hard time trying to do a search for a duo. That whole wildcard thing. I have tried many different underscore/asterisk combos to no availa.

    So, if someone can offer some advice on a duo, I'd surely appreciate it.

    This is what I'm looking for.

    Depending on the rate, 1-2 hours.

    I want to be licked and sucked and fucked within an inch of my life.

    I want DFK, DATY, BBBJ, CIM.

    Rimming would be nice (not mandatory), and greek also nice (but not mandatory).

    I want the girls to be completely interactive.

    Lingerie and an outfit or two is a necessity.

    Physically, I would prefer more petite girls, but again not mandatory. Unless it would be a biblical experience, not sure I'm interested in a K-girl (or equivalent).

    This is probably the one and only time I am going to spring for this, so I really want something memorable.

    I want to girls that are just going to put some serious effort into making me happy for the time they are with me.

    Not looking for debauchery alone...a little sensuality would be nice. A little kitten with a whip kinda thing.

    Any suggestions my fellow perbites?



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    petite more in weight than height. About the only SP I've seen in the past while is Janis.... she's someone I find very attractive for oh so many reasons.

    Budget...I dunno, $600 to 1K

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    Erotic Christine and any one else - she is very bi and loves sex!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjac7214 View Post
    Erotic Christine and any one else - she is very bi and loves sex!
    Quote Originally Posted by Death or Glory View Post
    I thought she was taking a break from escorting?
    I would second Christine. She's awesome. Haven't had a duo with her yet... but hope to.

    Is she really taking a break? I hope that's not the case. Has anybody seen her recently?

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