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Thread: Devan at Sweet Vips in Victoria

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    Devan at Sweet Vips in Victoria

    Any intel on this beauty? She looks great in the photos and the numbers seem good.


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    She does look divine. I've never had a bad experience with VIP girls. The bar is high enough there that you'll enjoy yourself fo sho

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    Enjoyed Devan not too long ago. She's a long cool drink of water, that's for sure. Tall and thin. Nice gal, great sense of humour. Spent one hour and enjoyed her standard menu: cbj, daty, msog, etc. My only critique of Devan is she seemed quite quiet and shy when it came to getting down to business. I dont mind giving direction, but its nice when the girl takes the reins once in a while. I chalk it up to her being new to the biz.
    Looks great, attitude great, service good. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Captnemo! She is listed as having a natural D cup which I like. Is there truth in the advertising?

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    That'd be a small D. I'm no bra fitter though.

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