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Thread: Cameron @ SU - Warm in a Hailstorm...

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    Thumbs up Cameron @ SU - Warm in a Hailstorm...

    I had the pleasure of being introduced to Cameron this past week at SU, and it was a truly unforgettable experience. If you remember how last Saturday was, where it was cloudy but promising in the morning, then all went to crap and a hailstorm? That could also have described my staff meeting that morning. So I was looking for some good distraction and stress relief and called up the folks at SU.

    I went though the usual setup and asked for a recommendation based on a some of my past preferences with SU girls. I hadn't seen any pictures of Cameron on the site ( I found out later that she has previously worked as an Indy through BP and has a good reputation) but based on the description I decided to go ahead and opted for the 1/2 hr intro session. Boy, am I glad I did!

    Cameron is 5'11" and fits very well into her 36D-24-34 description. She met me wearing a small red robe that barely contained her amazing assets and gave me a tantalizing glimpse here and there of the leopard print hotness underneath. I'm almost 6' myself, and used to being at eye level or above most ladies I meet, but with her heels on she is at least 6'2" and I found myself traveling UP from the rest of her to hazel green eyes, kissable lips and sexy short auburn hair.

    We quickly put business out of the way and began exploring each other tentatively. She is firm, tanned and toned all the way around. She has a few tasteful piercings and a couple of tattoos, including more extensive work on one arm. It wasn't a "suicide girl" feel however, more like uncovering something wild and unexpected about that young sexy professional you noticed at work or in your apartment complex. She is shaved and tasty, and I got to spend extensive time exploring down there. It was a treat for both of us.

    When she decided to return the favor, her technique was amazing, especially the eye contact. This was true throughout the entire experience; she worked well at making the time intimate and mutually engaging, and I love it when your partner is having as much fun as you are.

    We moved through the paces of most of the regular positions very naturally. I'm mostly a "one and done" type, so I held out till the end of session, but I'm sure during a longer session she would have no trouble persuading me to try, try again. We had some lounging, touching and small talk afterward, with no rushing or "ok we're done now" vibes. I left feeling very invigorated and looking forward to another session in the near future with her.

    While I haven't been on the Victoria scene long, I can definitely say that Cameron is sitting as my ATF of the SU girls by a long shot, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat (which is tough, since I'd rather keep her UTR and all to myself!). I did tell her to get some pics up there, because that would have removed any apprehension I had at seeing her unknown.

    Hope you enjoy your next bout of "stress relief"!
    Still Smilin'

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    Cameron = Misty
    It's that simple

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    I didn't ask at the time, but comparing descriptions you could be right. Mystery solved for everyone, I guess...

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    Well, I just finished a very happy visit with Cameron of SU this morning.

    45 minutes wasn't long enough to enjoy the company of this lady. I found her visit to be very positive; great sex, with a very attractive lady, great conversation and very relaxing and non rushed. This lady has class and was very eager to please. Don't miss an opportunity to visit. There are very few restrictions. She's really attractive with shorter brown hair, great smile, beautiful breasts and nipples, lovely long legs. There's 3-4 tasteful tattoos as well which adds to the overall sexy female ambience. WOW. it was a great connection. Would I repeat? For sure in a heart beat.

    She told me she's heading out on a lengthly vacation mid May, as am I, so better hustle down to SU before she goes.

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